About me

Hi there!

I want the world to be a better place for all living creatures.

I am an environmental enthusiast and hope to inspire others to make more sustainable choices in our daily lives. It is all about mind set and willingness to change behavior.

I studied music at the university when I was young, played keyboards in a few bands and started to work for a wholesaler of musical instrument in Norway. Stayed there for 18 years, changed work path totally and accepted a role in the building industry working for a flooring manufacturer.

I decided to retire early to go back to music and I consider myself as a songwriter, mostly in the genres of Pop & Rock.

I recently started to take on photography again and my interest goes towards wildlife and I share some photos with you here on my site.

Speaking of wildlife, I have been a vegetarian since 2010 and a vegan since 2017. Vegan because I believe we should take care of our animals and be more concerned about their rights!

I play badminton and like to attend international senior tournaments where I get the opportunity to meet a lot of nice people and I have friends all over the world within this great sport!